Private Consultations

Fun For Life is happy to offer at home consultations. This service can be followed up with private lessons.

$120 for a 90 minute consultation and a follow up 30 minute session

Who will Benefit from a Private Consultation?


  • who are anxious
  • who react adversely to people, other dogs or environmental stresses
  • who have mobility problems or medical conditions
  • who may benefit from individual intervention
  • who are under the supervision of a Vet Behaviourist


  • who are shift workers
  • who work long hours
  • who work away from home
  • who have a disability
  • who have a medical condition
  • who prefer individual intervention
  • are working with their dog on a Vet Behaviourist Program

What Does an Individual Consultation Consist Of?

A one and a half hour, in - home consultation including assessment and development of an individual action plan and support for carrying out the action plan. The service is provided within our service area at a cost of $120. A follow up lesson of 30 minutes is then conducted at a mutually convenient time.Follow up telephone consultation and support for carrying out the action plan is provided.

If, after consultation, the client then elects to attend group classes, $100 will be credited toward the cost of the class. In the case of puppy class the extended private consultation will replace the home visit.

If private lessons are considered more appropriate for the dog, then the client can purchase the private lesson package of three lessons for $75 and a fourth lessons will be provided free with the first private lesson package. Lessons are of 30mins duration.

Re-homing a Dog?

Our re-homing consultation is offered at a discount rate of $100. It is available to owners within 1 month of re-homing a dog from a recognised shelter or rescue group (eg RSPCA, Peninsula Animal Aid) or Breed Rescue Organisations. A follow up half hour consultation is programmed at a mutually convenient time.This is offered within our service area. If a client elects to attend the Manners and Life Skills group lessons listed on the website $75 will be credited towards the cost. Proof of re-homing is required.

If a client elects to buy the private lesson package a fourth free lesson will be provided.